At present, Football and Sport have expanded their borders and integrated into other social aspects, establishing links with economics, politics, sociology, technology, audiovisual business, the media, etc.

This new external aspect of Sport as an interrelated activity with other social and professional spheres, together with the internal and traditional aspect of Sport, require rethinking the perspective of the services offered by sports consulting companies. The harmonic balance of its many facets needs a global understanding of the situation or problem raised, in addition to a thorough knowledge of each subject.

With this vision, we have directed our efforts, as external consultants, to offer strategic tools for our clients that allow them to find solutions with a multidisciplinary approach that incorporates the internal and external aspects of Sport, and to contribute to this by adopting measures that make them anticipate, reduce risks and take advantage of the opportunities that arise in their environment, both sports and extra-sports.

The new facets of the Sport world require consulting firms to redefine their classic purposes of providing recommendations, providing solutions and assisting in the implementation of changes, but also incorporating additional objectives such as improving organizational effectiveness, facilitating learning Client and build consensus and commitment.

We believe in the formation of multidisciplinary teams to diversify our services according to the objectives and needs of our Clients. In addition, our international recognition because of our successful results, allows us to have a team of professionals with proven achievements and tools for information, analysis and recommendation for decision making, developed exclusively for our Clients. Moreover, the exclusive agreement reached with the Technical Committee of Coaches of the “Real Federación Española de Fútbol (RFEF)” allows us to work with first class professionals who have been trained under the tutelage and with the quality standards of the RFEF.



Our extensive network of contacts, developed over more than 30 years of experience in the field of professional Football, has allowed us to establish excellent relationships with experts and professionals from all sectors -not only on Sports-, which makes us unique to facilitate contacts and bring together people and companies for the achievement of projects of very different nature.

It is important to emphasize that our network of contacts is not limited exclusively to professionals dedicated to the world of professional Football, but over the years we have worked together with Sports professionals in general and other business fields such as economists, lawyers, Governments, Public Institutions, renewable energy companies, etc. Thus, we are a consulting company dedicated mainly to the Sports sector, but we have an invaluable tool to open doors to companies in all sectors that need contacts in Europe, South America, Central America, Africa or the Middle East.


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